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Pine Bark P.E. Polyphenols30-95%, UV

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Part of used: Bark
Specification: OPC95% UV
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Pine bark extract


English Name: Pine bark extract

Latin Name: Pinus massoniana Lamb

Part Use: Pine bark

Active ingredient: Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins(OPC)

Appearance: red brown powder


procyanidins: 50-98%, UV (Beta - Smith)

Polyphenols: 30-95%, UV (Folin - C)

Water-soluble: completely water soluble and clear, transparent

Product introduction:

Pine bark extract from the antioxidation ability of procyanidin (OPCs), the material antioxidant capacity of vitamin C, vitamin E 20 times the 50 times. OPCs as famous antioxidants can effectively

Suppress radical action, and free radicals in the transgender sex disease, cardiovascular disease, blurred vision, sunburn and premature aging etc played an important role.


Main functions:

The free radicals

Protect the heart tissue

Vascular strength agent

Prevent senile dementia

Limit inflammation and allergic reaction, effectively relieve joint symptoms

Regulate the body's immunity

Resisting the DNA damage, prevent mutations, antitumor

Regulating sugar metabolism and fat metabolism

Adjusting endocrine, delayed female menopause, oral cosmetics

Fight tooth corrosion and gum disease

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Products:  pine bark extract/pine bark extract powder/pine bark p.e. 95% opc

Extraction parts: bark

Latin name: Pinus massoniana

Ingredient: OPC

Appearance: Reddish brown powder

Specification: 95% OPC

Test method: UV

The pine bark extract group had a significant reduction in hyperactivity and improved attention, visual-motor coordination, and concentration, whereas there were no positive effects noted in the placebo group. One month after pine bark extract treatment ceased, patients had recurrence of symptoms. Treatment was not significantly effective for girls in contrast to boys, but there were only 6 girls in the pine bark extract group.

    An extract of pine bark has proven to be one of the most potent antioxidants, a property that may explain why pine bark has been used in folk medicine around the world, according to a new report by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley.

Active ingredients

   Procyanidins are widely distributed in plants, similar to anthocyanins. They are polyphenols formed by the condensation of flavan-3-ol monomers. Has a strong antioxidant activity, has been widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other fields.


Physical and Chemical Properties

1 Appearance

Grape seed proanthocyanidins extract appearance is generally deep rose red to light brown red refined powder, oligomers colorless to light brown, but because the grape seed species, different sources, so the appearance, color, there are some differences.

2 tanning

Procyanidins can bind to proteins. Under normal circumstances, the combination is reversible. Procyanidins-protein binding reaction is one of its most characteristic response.

3 Solubility

Oligomeric procyanidins soluble in water, alcohol, ketone, acetic acid, acetic acid cool cool polar solvent, insoluble in petroleum ether, chloroform, benzene and other weak polar solvents. High procyanidins do not dissolve in hot water but soluble in alcohol or sulfite solution, which is equivalent to water-insoluble tannins, used to be called "pink." Polymerization of greater polymerization of procyanidins do not dissolve in a neutral solvent, but soluble in alkaline solution, also known as the habit of "phenolic acid."

The UV absorption wavelength of the aqueous solution of grape seed extract proanthocyanidins was 278 nm. Because of its molecules contained in the benzene ring structure, in the ultraviolet region has a strong absorption. Can play a "UV filter" role in the development of cosmetics can be developed sunscreen.

Usually 2 to 4 polymer called oligomeric procyanidins (Procyanidolicoligomer, OPC), pentamer above called polymer (Procyanidolicpolymers, PPC).



Type:Herbal Extract

Variety:pine bark extract



Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction

Packaging:Drum, Vacuum Packed

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Grade:pharmaceutical grade

Model Number:HH-12651

Botanical Source:Pinus massoniana Lamb

Test Method:UV-VIS

Color:Brownish red fine powder

Active Ingredient:95% OPC


Extract Method:Water/Ethanol



Appearance:Fine powder

Origin:Shaanxi, C

Extraction Process

Procyanidins for the separation and purification of the effect of traditional solvents, countercurrent solvent extraction effect is good, OPC can meet the requirements, but the traditional solvent extraction, lower yield, so the use of more advanced countercurrent solvent extraction, separation and purification oligomer procyanidins, Which can effectively avoid the shortcomings of the traditional resin separation method and solve the problem of non-selectivity in the separation of the resin method and the problem that the solvent loss is large and the extraction rate is low in the traditional solvent extraction method, and the product extraction Yield and quality have been greatly improved, and save the amount of solvent, reduce costs.

Comprising at least the following steps:

1) pre-treatment: clean raw materials.

2) extraction: the polarity of the organic solvent should be used for extraction.

3) Efficient countercurrent extraction: separate the different parts of the collection.

4) Concentrated recovery solvent: The extracted solvent is recovered and a thick paste is obtained.

The general production process is as follows:

Raw materials → pre-treatment → extraction → recovery of solvent, concentration → solid-liquid separation → concentration → high-efficiency inverse

Flow extraction → concentration → drying → sterilization, packaging

detailed description:

1) Pretreatment: Pine bark was put into the extractor and rinsed with deionized water.

2) Extraction: add 8 times the amount of water, the temperature control at 80 degrees Celsius dynamic extraction of the second, each 6h, the combined filtrate.

3) Concentration recovery solvent: the extract into the concentrator for vacuum recovery, temperature control at 70 degrees Celsius, the vacuum control at 0. O7 or more, the concentration of liquid control in the ratio of 1: 2 with the raw materials.

4) solid-liquid separation: the concentrated liquid with high-speed centrifuge for solid-liquid separation.

5) Concentration: After centrifugation of the liquid and then concentrated, the temperature control at 60 degrees Celsius below the vacuum control at 0.08 or more, the amount of concentrated liquid control with the raw material ratio of 0.8: 1.

6) High efficiency countercurrent extraction: The concentrated liquid is introduced into the extraction tower, and 2 times of ethyl acetate is evenly added from the bottom of the tower to carry out convection solvent extraction, circulating 4-5 times different tower bodies and collecting separately.

7) Concentration: The extracted ethyl acetate was recovered and a thick paste was obtained.

8) Spray Drying: Dilute the prepared thick paste with an appropriate amount of deionized water and spray dry.

9) sterilization, packaging: the dry powder for UV light sterilization, and then packaging.


A:What is the use of skin care products containing French pine nut extract?

Q:Enhance the ability of the body to overcome the pressure of hypoxia, by increasing the synthesis of cell globulin, mitigate intracellular oxygen delivery, giving skin healthy luster.                           

Q:How does Coastal Pine Extract work for cardiovascular disease?

A:Oxidant LDL has been shown to play an important role in causing atherosclerosis. Due to the excellent antioxidant function of OPCs, it can eliminate free radicals like collagenase and elastase-like damage to the arterial wall, thereby preventing or repairing arteriosclerosis. Animal experiments show that OPCs can slow down or repair arteriosclerosis.