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Xi'an B-Thriving I/E Co.,Ltd.

Plant Extracts manufacturer / supplier, offering Natural Sweeteners,Herbal Extracts, etc.

GMP Factory Natural Pharmaceutical Raw Material Poria Cocos Wolf Extract Poria Cocos Extract Powder

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GMP Factory Natural Pharmaceutical Raw Material Poria Cocos Root Extract Poria Cocos Extract Powder


  • More than 10 years experiences,Leading plant extract industry in China;
  • Own GAP planting bases & GMP factory;
  • Top quality, Competitive price, Best service;
  • Highly motivated and dedicated staff with only one goal "to achieve excellence";
  • Supplied more than 200 kinds of standard herbal extracts and 900 kinds of botanical extracts.
Product Description

English name: Indian Buead Extract / Poria Cocos Extract

Latin name: Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae P.E

Other name: Poria cocos extract / Tuckahoe Extract / Poria Extract / Wolfiporia Extensa

Specification: Polysaccharides 20%~40%


Product Type: Yellow Brown fine to off-white powder

Part of the Plant Used: sclerotium

Extract Method: Water/Grain alcohol

Test: by UV-VIS

Brand:Hunan Nutramax Inc.

What is Indian Buead Extractproduced in Hunan NutraMax Inc.?

Poria cocos is a traditional popular chinese medicine in China. Every 100 grams of dried poria cocos contain 1. 2 g protein, 0. 5 g fat, carbohydrates 80. 9 g, cellulose 1. 7 g, vitamin e 4. 27 mg, selenium 12. 6 ug, and the-fuling polysaccharide, fulin acid, ergosterol, choline, adenine, lecithin proteinase etc. it showed a mild pharmacological property and sweet taste and acts on the heart, spleen, liver and kidney. It possesses the functions of diuresis, invigorating the function of spleen and stomach, relieving uneasiness of mind etc and is famed as one of the eight treasures in chinese medicine.

What will Indian Buead Extractbe used for?

1.Poria cocos extract can strengthen the physiological activities and prevent disease;

2.Poria cocos extract can promote the functional recovery of the human immunity ststem;

3.Poria cocos can induce or promote induction of the interferon and opsonin;

4.Poria cocos has indirect antiviral and anti-cancer effection and lessens the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy;

5.Poria cocos can protect livers, lower the enzyme(CPT), prolong the life, calm the nerves, strengthen the stomach, improve looks and so on.

AboutShow The Raw Material Pictures:

Analysis Report


  • Items Specification
  • Appearance:Light yellow to off white powder
  • Oder: Characteristic
  • Taste: Characteristic
  • Paiticle size: Pass 80 mesh
  • Loss on drying: ≤5%
  • Heavy metals: <10ppm
  • As: <1ppm
  • Pb: <3ppm
  • Assay: Result
  • Total Plate Count: <10000cfu/g or <1000cfu/g(Irradiation)
  • Yeast & Mold: <300cfu/g or 100cfu/g(Irradiation)
  • E.Coli: Negative
  • Salmonella: Negative
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  • Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.
  • Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.


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  • Factories:Hunan Nutramax Inc. hold 3 factories for professionally producing Botanical /Herbal Extracts, located in Hunan and Guangxi Province.The total annual production capacity of herb raw material is 9000mt, we can supply more than 800mt Botanical Extracts one year. Our factory have passed ISO14001, Kosher, cGMP, The production departments are equipped according to the GMP standard with all of our product line, such as distillation, extraction, chromatography , desiccation, packing.
  • Research & Development:Hunan Nutramax Inc. has a strong R&D team of over 42 scientists dedicated to developing innovative ingredients to meet the market demand. And our R & D center cooperating with cooperating with Hunan Agriculture University, Hunan Engineering & Technology Research Center for Natural Products. Most of the scientists are PhDs and/or Professors; or Masters in Phyto-Chemistry, Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese medicines. Coupled with our sophisticated apparatuses, we can effectively develop the customized ingredients to meet and exceed our customers, expectations.
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Company:Hunan NutramaxInc.
ContactPerson:Cassie Chang

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Poria (Indian Buead,Tuckahoe)

Poria cocosis a polypore fungus parasitic on roots or saprophytic on rotten stumps of certain pine trees growing in loose sandy soil, the most common including Pinus massoniana Lamb, P. densiflora Sieb. et Zucc., P. yunnanensis Franch., P. taiwanensis Hayata, and P. thunbergii Parl.

Action:To cause diuresis, to invigorate the spleen function and to calm the mind.


Tuckahoe ——washed by water——drying —fines(40 mesh)—— extracted by 10 fold 

Alcohols——centrifugation——concentration——purified ——atomized drying —— grades——packs—— Detection of physicochemical index——put in storage

Active ingredients

Poria Mushroom:Phytochemicals and Constituents.

 Main Constituents:Pachymaran(CAS.65637-98-1):recomposed from Beta-pachyman(CAS.9037-88-1),C6H10O5. 

 Poria Cocos Poria Mushroom Hoelen. Other Phytochemicals:Beta-pachyman;adenine;several organic acids such as pachymic acid,caprylic acid;dodecenoic acid;pachymic acid;palmitic acid;piaicolic acid;tumulosic acid;ergoterol;eburicoic acid;histidine acid;Trametenolic acid; Dehydroeburicoic acid; Poricoic acid;3-beta-hydroxylanosta-7,9(11),24-trien-21-oic acid;poriatin;ganoderic acid.chitin, protein, fat, glucose, sterols, lecithin, gum, choline,b-amyrin acetate; Pachyman; Pachymaran; Glucan H11; Ergosterol; Caprylic acid; Undecanoic acid; Lauroic acid; Dodecenoic acid; Palmitic acid; Dodecenoate; Caprylate; Fumulosic acid methylester; Polyporenic acid C methylester; Pachymic acid methylester; 7, 9 (11)-dehydropachymic acid; 7, 9 (11)-dehydropachymic acid methylester; 3b-hydroxy-lanosta-7, 9 (11), 24-trein-21-oic acid; 3b-hydroxy-16a-acetyloxylanosta-7, 9 (11), 24-trien-21-oic acid; 3b-,16a-dihydroxylanosta-7, 9 (11), 24 (31)-trien-21-oic acid methylester. 

 The primary constituent of hoelen is fiber; it is in the form of beta-glucan (chains of sugar, mostly glucose; a polysaccharide), called pachyman. This component makes up 91~98% of the dried fungal mass, most of it being an insoluble fiber; there is virtually no lipid (less than 0.15%) and little protein. To make decoctions, the mushroom mass is sliced very thin (see photo). When cooked in water to make an herbal tea, most of the insoluble fiber is left behind (though some becomes suspended by the boiling process), and virtually all the soluble fiber enters the water, forming a somewhat cloudy material. 

 The herbal classics CHMM(Chinese Herbal Materia Medica) noted the herb Sclerotium contains various constituents: "①Triterpenes:pachymic acid,tumulosic acid,[3beta-hydroxylanosta-7.9(11),24-TCMLIBien-21-oic acid],pachymic acid methyl ester,tumulosic acid methyl ester,[7,9(11)-dehydropachymic acid methyl ester],[3beta,16alpha-dihydrox-ylanosta-7,9(11),24(31)-TCMLIBien-21-oic acid methyl ester],polypenic acid C methyl ester,TCMLIBametenloic acid,eburicoic acid,dehy-droeburicoic acid,poricoic acid A、B、C、D、DM、AM;[3beta-hydroxy-16α-acetylosy-lanosta-7,9(11),24-TCMLIBien-21-oic acid],[7,9(11)-dehydropachymic acid]. 

 ②Polysaccharides:pachy-man,Pachymaran,and higg(1,3),(1,6) branch beta-D-gluan H11.Other include ergo-sterol,caprylic aid,undecanoic,lauric acid,dodecenoic acid,palmitic acid,dodecenoate,caprylate."(2) 

 Poria Cocos Poria Mushroom Hoelen. There is conflicting information about the possible immunological effect of the beta-glucan from hoelen; most of the information suggests that it is of low activity. Some other mushrooms of the Polyporaceae, including both of the Grifola species mentioned above, contain immunologically active beta-glucans that have been developed into medicinal products by extracting and concentrating the high-molecular weight components.But with hoelen, there has been little work done on isolating an active polysaccharide fraction for medicinal use. In fact, most efforts with the material are towards developing potentially useful dietary fibers that may promote, rather than impair, mineral absorption. 

 The mushroom also contains several triterpene acids, including pachymic acid (structure image, left), tumulosic acid, eburicoic acid (a component of many mushrooms,Chemical name:3 beta-hydroxy-24-methylene-8-lanostene-21-oic acid;Cas No:560-66-7), and poricoic acid.Some of these are actively being researched for potential medicinal uses, including anticancer effects seen in laboratory studies (used in amounts far higher than one would usually get from the crude herb).These triterpenes may have some immunological effects as well, though far more research into such pharmacological activity has been done on other mushrooms, especially Ganoderma lucidum, which has a higher concentration of triterpenes (called ganoderic acids). To study these compounds, alcoholic extracts are made, which leave behind the polysaccharides. 


 The glucans may have a soothing effect on the stomach and intestines, which can explain the role of hoelen in formulas that treat nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, stomachache, and stomach ulcer, as well as cases of excess phlegm production that may result from stomach irritation. This effect will be stronger in decoctions than with the pills because of the higher dosage involved, but even the lower dosages may have an effect due to direct contact of the herb constitutents with the stomach and upper portion of the intestines. 

 Poria Cocos Poria Mushroom Hoelen. The triterpenes may be responsible for other claimed effects, such as diuretic activity; hoelen is often combined with alisma (zexie), which also has triterpenes and is considered a diuretic.In addition, these compounds can also have a benefit for the digestive system. The amount of the trite



Type:Herbal Extract

Variety:Poria Cocos Extract


Part:Dry sclerotia

Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction

Packaging:Drum, Vacuum Packed, Carton

Place of Origin:Heilongjiang, China (Mainland)


The Latin Name:Poria cocos (Schw.) Wolf

Botanical Sources:Dry sclerotia

Active Ingredient:Polysaccharide

Application dosage form:Capsules or pills or others

Assay:20% Polysaccharide

Export countries:USA.Japan and European countries

Solvent extration:Ethanol

Packing:Cardboard drum or carton

Certificate:HACCP,ISO9001, Halal,CIQ,PONY,GMP,etc


Extraction Process

Glycoside reference substance placed in 50mL volumetric flask, with 50% methanol volume to the scale, the concentration of 1.025mg / mL of astilbin reference substance stock solution. 2.2

Preparation of ethanol extract of Smilax glabra Pieces of Chinese medicine smashed Poria cocos powder 5g, 8 times the amount of 70% ethanol, 85 ℃ into a meal,

Water bath on the reflux extraction 2 times, each 1h, filtration, combined filtrate, add ethanol, said to take soil Fuling coarse powder 5g, plus 8 times the amount of water, boiled in 85 ℃ electric boiling 2 times, each 1h, filter , Together

To 100 mL, as an alcohol extraction solution. 2.3 soil Fuling water extract preparation

And the filtrate, add water to volume to 100mL, as water extraction solution. 3 animal model

36 ICR mice were fasted for 12 hours and randomly divided into 4 groups: blank control group, model group, Smilax glabra ethanol extract group and Smilax glabra aqueous extract group.

(0.1 mL / 10 g) and 2 mg / mL Smilax glabra extract (the dosage is 2 mg / mL), the extract of Smilax glabra and the extract of Smilax glabra 0.1 mL / 10 g). 4

Determination of serum uric acid in experimental animals to take the whole mouse blood 0.5mL, 37 ℃ water bath 20min, 3700r / min centrifugation 10min. Take 100μL of serum in centrifuge tube, add 900μL chromatographic methanol, 10000r / min centrifugation 10min, vortex mixing, take the supernatant 400μL, add 400μL 0.2% acetic acid water, vortex mixing,

Normalized purity of 97.5%); uric acid reference substance (Sigma and glycosides (homemade,

037K0694 purity of 99%); methanol for chromatography pure; acetic acid for the Department of Analysis,

Pure; acetonitrile for chromatography pure; potassium oxonate (Sigma, purity of 97%)


Q: long-term use of tuckahoe polysaccharides affect it? Direct use of Poria can?

A: Poria is a traditional Chinese medicine, suitable for long-term use, made of Poria polysaccharides can be assured that the use will not produce side effects. Poria polysaccharide is Poria extract, with anti-cancer effect, compared to Poria effect is more obvious, more easily absorbed, you want to play a good effect or recommend the use of Poria polysaccharide, usually can also use Poria soup to drink, health.

Q:What is the role of Poria?

A:1. Diuretic effect: 25% tuckahoe alcohol infusion to the normal rabbit intraperitoneal injection of 0.5g / Kg, there diuretic effect. With the removal of adrenal gland in rats that diuretic effect and the absorption of tubular Na +. In this case,

2. Antitumor effect: Poria polysaccharides on mouse sarcoma S180 inhibitory effect, inhibition rate of 96.88%. Fuling polysaccharide F1 and H11 could be extracted from the mycelium of Poria cocos, which had obvious anti-tumor activity.

3. Immunopotentiation effect: Poria polysaccharide on normal and tumor-bearing mice have enhanced immune function, can enhance the phagocytic function of mouse macrophages. 

4. Poria water, ethanol, ether extract on isolated frog heart are enhanced contraction, speed up the heart rate. In this case,

5. Decoction, especially Fu Shen injection, the sedative effect on animals.